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Mana Mojo is a fortnightly ‘infotainment’ review program that is available online for free, via our dedicated Mana Mojo YouTube channel and the Mana Mojo website. Each episode of the program consists of the latest News in Gaming, Anime & Cosplay, along with Reviews, Interviews, Special Features & the upcoming Video Game Release Schedules.Additional News, Articles & Reviews are also posted on the Mana Mojo website.

Meet Your Hosts

Mana Mojo is hosted by B1ack Sword & Vyctryx. Both of our hosts are passionate Gamers, and proud Nerds. Not only has B1ack Sword been reviewing Video Games & Films via his personal website for some time now, he has also worked in the Video Game industry. Vyctryx is also a passionate gamer and a Twitch streamer.

B1ackSword B1ack Sword

B1ack Sword is from Melbourne, Australia and runs his own website about his main interests which include gaming, pop culture, comic books and movies for a few years now. His now taking the leap from behind the controller to in front of the camera to bring you all the latest in gaming news and reviews.

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 Vyctryx Vyctryx

Information to come!

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BattleBec Battle Bec

Just your ordinary Battle Bec. Games, reads, movie buff, trivia nut, board games, card games, retro or current, XboxOne.
B1ack Swords’s player 2.

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Tahliasaurusrex Tahliasaurusrex

An avid reader, Tahlia hopes to one day pen a graphic novel. In an alternate universe she’s probably a vampire slayer or a sailor scout but in this one she looks forward to sharing her geeky passions with you all!

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DavidNCP David from NCP

I have always been a nerd and am lucky enough to have spent my childhood in the 80’s, the ‘Golden Age of Nerds’. Now as an adult I spend my spare time playing WoW, working on this site, and watching movies. Luckily my partner, Crystal, is also a nerd and understands my passions.

My friends also share my obsessions and one of them, Erin, was kind enough to introduce me to the world of podcasts as part of his project. I was inspired and eventually Nerd Culture Podcast was born!

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Silhouette Silhouette D’Armour
Born the morning before Desperation Day, and two days before St Valentines Day is Silhouette. Since childhood, she has held a deep love of loud music, corsets, bats, putting beautiful things in bell jars & the smell of old books. Currently residing in Melbourne when not succumbing to wanderlust. Sadly, this little musician was not blessed at birth with her purple hair.Connect with Silhouette:
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